"American Steel"
6th track of the album Enslaved (2012)
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 4:13
Genre(s) Groove metal, thrash metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Zeuss, Max Cavalera
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"Redemption of Man by God"

"American Steel" is a song included on the album Enslaved. This song tributes Max Cavalera his love of heavy metal in America. This inspired the story about how he started his legendary career and how he got here, "Seriously, man, I would not be here without Ted Nugent, KISS, Van Halen, Metallica. I saw the original Van Halen in Brazil back in the early 1980s. For me, they brought it all back where it needed to be – they made music very special. I LOVE Van Halen, man. I would get haircuts like the guys in Metallica back then! America has produced such amazing stuff. I live in Arizona, now. I just love the American desert. The drama of it, the intensity – it totally influences my music now. My whole family loves it."

It is about killing the slaves by storm. The sitar is employed during the outro as well as interlude in the middle of the track followed right by breakdown.

There is fan-made music video for this song, showing clips from the films Apocalypse Now and Black Hawk Down.

Lyrics Edit

In for the hill - American Steel
This is the real - American Steel
Breathe in the new - American Steel
This is the bleeding - American Steel


In for the kill - American Steel
Burning you'll feel - American Steel
Massive Aggressive - American Steel
Blackest of the black - American Steel


We are the storm, kill everyone - Under the sun
We against the world, spiral downfall - Enter the swarm

We against the world, judgement day - The killing horde
We're stronger than hate, stronger than all - We are the storm

The killing horde
We are the storm
Under the sun
Enter the swarm
The killing horde

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Soulfly American Steel

Soulfly American Steel

Soulfly - American Steel - fan made Music Video

Soulfly - American Steel - fan made Music Video

Soulfly - American Steel @ The Korova - San Antonio, TX

Soulfly - American Steel @ The Korova - San Antonio, TX

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