Asha Rabouin (born January 4, 1982) is a female vocalist who sung on four Soulfly songs. She is from Phoenix, Arizona, the hometown of Soulfly.

Her first song appearance of Soulfly is "Flyhigh", where Asha is heard sings during pop-sounding choruses in lines like 'Just let my soul fly free'. Another song she appears in is "Tree of Pain", singing during ballad parts on both ends of the track about dealing with the pain for the death of her brother Kamau, died at age 19 on February 28, 2000. She wrote the lyrics in the ballad parts. And Asha tributes to her brother's passing by performing soulish vocals in the R&B song "Wings". Also she performed backup in "I Believe".

The other Asha's brother, Babatunde, rapped on "In Memory of...", the track preceding "Flyhigh" that she appeared in.

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