"Beneath the Remains/Dead Embryonic Cells"
5 on reissue
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration(s) 3:41
Genre(s) Thrash metal, death metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Anders Dohn

"Beneath the Remains/Dead Embryonic Cells" is a Sepultura cover medley that is only recorded live. This medley is exclusive to the 25th Roadrunner anniversary reissue of the debut album Soulfly. It is one of two medleys recorded by Soulfly, the other is "Jumpdafuckup/Bring It". The Sepultura version "Beneath the Remains" is found on their album Beneath the Remains while "Dead Embryonic Cells" is found on their album Arise.

Lyrics Edit

In the middle of a war that was not started by me
Deep depression of the nuclear remains
I've never thought of, I've never thought about
This happening to me

Proliferations of ignorance
Orders that stand to destroy
Battlefields and slaughter
Now they mean my home and my work

Who... has won?
Who... has died?

Beneath the remains

Who... haven't won?
Who... has died?

Everything happened so quickly
I felt I was about to leave hell
I'll fight for myself,
For you, but so fuckin' what?

Land of anger
I didn't ask to be born
Sadness, sorrow
Everything so alone

Laboratory sickness
Infects humanity
No hope for cure
Die by technology

Reborn remains
So far remains
Reborn remain
So far remain

Video Edit

Soulfly - Beneath the Remains Dead Embryonic Cells at Dynamo Festival 1998

Soulfly - Beneath the Remains Dead Embryonic Cells at Dynamo Festival 1998

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