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    My review: Ritual

    February 9, 2019 by PlanetStar

    After more than three years after their solid album Archangel, in between all the touring Max did and the release of their fourth Cavalera Conspiracy album, it is now set for another release by Soulfly, Ritual, their 11th. Ritual turns away from the biblical themes of Archangel and focus on the rituals of metal as well as their lives, including the political ones. The album cover shows mostly reds; in the sky where it rains blood and grounds gets flooded with blood. The reptile-like creature emerging from the ground next to a man that shoots arrow into the red sky with brown-gray clouds reminds me of the monster in the film series Tremors. Now let’s dive into the ten tracks by jumping into the paragraph below.

    The first title is, well, the ti…

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