"Blood Fire War Hate"
Blood Fire War Hate
1st track of the album Conquer (2008)
Featuring David Vincent
Sung by Max Cavalera, David Vincent
Duration 4:58
Genre(s) Death metal, thrash metal
Lyrics by Max Cavalera, David Vincent
Composed by Max Cavalera
Produced by Max Cavalera
Alternate title "B.F.W.H."
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Released on February 9, 2009
Record label Roadrunner

"Blood Fire War Hate" is the lead track of the album Conquer. This song was the second single released from the album on 9 February 2009, more than six months after the album itself was released in late July 2008. The lyrics explore each word of the song title, when hate fuels war involving fire resulting in blood. This song is rather fast, in a style of death metal resembling Morbid Angel album Blessed Are the Sick or Covenant, and the lyrics are sung rather fast. The intro and outro of this song is orchestral with tribal drum-flavored beats that sound like "army marching out the gates of hell" according to one review, while 'blood fire war hate' is repeatedly sung gently during those parts.

Max Cavalera commented on the Roadrunner website about this song, "I'm excited to open the record with a fast song. Usually Soulfly albums begin mid-tempo, but this reminds me of Beneath the Remains. This song also has one of the biggest hooks I've ever done. I can close my eyes and picture huge festival crowds singing it. When the fast part comes in, it's just war." David Vincent, Morbid Angel frontman, is the guest that greatly satisfied Cavalera, "His screaming on that song was off the wall!"

The song is featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, played in the radio station LCHC (Liberty City Hardcore).

There is an EP titled after this song that was released on the same day as the single.

Lyrics Edit

Blood, Fire, War, Hate [repeated 13x]

Blood, Fire, War, Hate [repeated 4x]

Blood, Fire, War, Hate
It's everywhere
It's in their faces
Blood, Fire, War, Pain
Everybody is going insane

Blood, Fire, Hell, Heaven,
AK 47
Blood, Fire, War, Hate
It's all around
It's in your face

Blood, Fire, War, Hate
The worlds hostage, no escape
Blood, Fire, War, Thunder
The whole world under murder

Blood, Fire, Earthquake
Retaliation without end
Blood, Fire, War, Hate
Will it ever end?


Blood, Fire, War, Hate [repeated 4x]

Blood, Fire, War, Hate
Entering the final phase
Blood, Fire, War, Kill
Ritual, Blood spilled

Blood, Fire, Black Death
Under the sign of the black flag
Blood, Fire, War, Dust
Confrontation is a must

Blood fuels the prophets of destruction
Blood staining their profits from corruption
Fire is all consuming, never ending
Flames burn eternal, never ending
And these war pigs deliver all their madness
War criminals thrive on death and sadness
Hate Breeds hate breeds hate, whoa
Blood, Fire, War, Hate will never end

Blood, Fire, War, Hate [repeated 10x]

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Soulfly - Blood Fire War Hate

Soulfly - Blood Fire War Hate

Soulfly - Blood Fire War Hate (Live at the With Full Force Festival 2009)

Soulfly - Blood Fire War Hate (Live at the With Full Force Festival 2009)

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