"Call to Arms"
Call to Arms
10th track of the album 3 (2002)
Featuring Danny Marianino
Sung by Max Cavalera, Danny Marianino
Duration 1:23
Genre(s) Crossover thrash
Written by Max Cavalera, Danny Marianino
Produced by Max Cavalera
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"Call to Arms" is a song included on the album 3. Although the song lasts just 83 seconds, it has 26 lines of lyrics dealing about the connection between 9/11 and religion. It features Danny Marianino of North Side Kings taking turns singing with Max.

The cover art shown to the right has the same picture as the DVD cover of The Song Remains Insane except it is a square appropriate for song arts and said 'Call to Arms'. The breathing mask looks similar to that on the single cover of "Carved Inside", song of the album Dark Ages.

Lyrics Edit

All your beliefs filled up with lies
Blinded from what you call prophets
Your Jihad's a joke, revenge is our fight
We'll crush the Al Quaeda to stop it

Drop the bombs in...
Drop the bombs in...
Bring the troops in...
Bring the troops in...
World has united to weed out the scum
Wipe out your muthafucking schemes
Wipe out your minority

We're tired of your bullshit, the actions of few
Our people have all took a stand

That threaten the future of man
Dig the roots out...
Wipe out your muthafucking schemes
Drop the bombs in...
Drop the bombs in...
Dig the roots out...
Your holy war is nothing to be proud

A call to arms
All our strength
You can never take from what we feel inside
This call for pride
Is in our hearts
This is our call to arms...

Video Edit

Soulfly - Call to arms

Soulfly - Call to arms

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Personnel Edit




  • Max Cavalera – lyrics, music
  • Danny Marianino – lyrics, music


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