"Dead Behind the Eyes"
Dead Behind the Eyes
2nd track of the album Ritual (2018)
Featuring Randy Blythe
Sung by Max Cavalera, Randy Blythe
Duration 5:16
Genre(s) Groove metal, death metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Josh Wilbur
Alternate title "Cenobites"
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"The Summoning"
Released on September 14, 2018
Record label Nuclear Blast

"Dead Behind the Eyes" is a song included on the album Ritual. The song features Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe. Max Cavalera was going to title this song "Cenobites" before he changed it to "Dead Behind the Eyes", which is more appealing to him. Max said Randy had really distinctive and unique voice and the vocal pattern is based from the Sepultura song "From the Past Comes the Storm" from their album Schizophrenia. Cavalera nicknamed the collaboration with Blythe 'Bruiser Brothers'. The song's lyrics are based from the quotes spoken by the Cenobites in the Hellraiser films. It's also about how monks from ancient times have chastised themselves. Max hopes to have a music video featuring Randy Blythe in the scenes and all dressed up as characters from Hellraiser.

Sam Sleight reviewing the album in the review site Punctuated Graffiti proclaims that this song would perfectly fit in Lamb of God's album Ashes of the Wake and Jeff Maki of Live Metal proclaims that it sounds like a bonus track on a Lamb of God album. The song has a guitar solo then a breakdown sounding like Suicide Silence.

"Dead Behind the Eyes" was released as the album's third single on September 14, 2018. With this release, Ritual is the first Soulfly album to release three singles more than a month before the album comes out.

Lyrics Edit

Sky burns…no return
You sweat the hate from your flesh
Rejoice…through the void
Consumed by loss of breath
Human greed is our destruction
The abyss of your seduction
Demure, suffer
The grief a burden to bear

No pain – walk on fire
Holy – mystic aura

Cenobites I know your kind
Dead behind the eyes
Self-inflicted – cenobites
Dead behind the eyes

A cryptic inner fear
What’s left, the wretched
And those who speak in your ear
Eviscerate your own impressions
Die along with your transgressions
Horrific path to…ascension

No pain – walk on fire
Holy – mystic aura

Cenobites I know your kind
Dead behind the eyes
Self-inflicted – cenobites
Dead behind the eyes

Dead behind the eyes!

All the…flesh eaters
Skin crawlers
They tear you limb from limb
Blood feeders
These vermin feed my rage!!!

Do you…purge fire
Shed light
Or let them come tonight
The lost paradise…

I know your kind…I know your kind
You’re all dead…all fucking dead
Behind the eyes

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SOULFLY - Dead Behind The Eyes feat

SOULFLY - Dead Behind The Eyes feat. Randy Blythe (OFFICIAL TRACK VISUALIZER)

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