On August 16, 1996 at 1:43 AM, Dana Wells, stepson of Max Cavalera, was driving in the green Hyundai with his two friends near Phoenix, AZ when the car slid over the curb, hit the tree, and flipped over. 21-year-old Wells was pronounced dead at the scene at 2:07 AM, while two friends in the same car survived to tell exactly what happened. At the time of the incident, Cavalera and his wife Gloria just arrived in London to play the Sepultura show there. Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser told Gloria that Dana had died. Upon hearing this tragic news, she and Max flew Ozzy Osbourne's jet to Phoenix.

The report claimed that Dana and his two friends were being chased by two members of the gang called LCM and one even pointed a gun at them. When Dana saw the gun pointing at him, he veered to the right, away from them, causing the car to spin and crash.

The death of Dana Wells and the conflicting schedule between the tour and funeral led to the altercations between Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser about firing of Gloria, their manager. The altercation ultimately led to Max's departure from Sepultura few months after Wells' death. As part of his effort to relieve the pain, Max collaborated with Chino Moreno on the Deftones song "Headup", where the word 'Soulfly' written in its lyrics was used to name the band to be formed.

Six Soulfly songs tribute to the death of Dana Wells — "Bleed", "First Commandment", "Pain", "Tree of Pain", "Staystrong", and "Revengeance".

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