"Four Sticks"
12th track of the album Omen (2010)
Sung by (Instrumental)
Duration 4:39
Genre(s) Groove metal
Composed by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
Produced by Max Cavalera, Logan Mader
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"Soulfly VII"
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"Four Sticks" is a bonus track of the album Omen. It is a Led Zeppelin cover, originally recorded in 1971 for their album Led Zeppelin IV. Unlike the Led Zeppelin version, this version has no lyrics and therefore an instrumental.

One reviewer had a compliment and an interesting reification of this song: "It is terribly simple piece, it sounds a bit like a loop that accompanies while listening to the news on TV."

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Soulfly - Four Sticks (Led Zeppelin cover)

Soulfly - Four Sticks (Led Zeppelin cover)

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