"I Will Refuse"
15th track of the album 3 (2002)
Featuring Greg Hall
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 4:06
Genre(s) Funk metal, speed metal
Written by Paul G. Barker, Al Jourgenson, Ian MacKaye, William Frederick Rieflin
Produced by Max Cavalera
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"I Will Refuse" is a bonus track of the album 3. The song is included in the Japanese and European editions of the album after the closing track of the regular edition, "Zumbi". "I Will Refuse" was first recorded by the industrial metal band Pailhead. "I Will Refuse" is the only Soulfly song where Max Cavalera plays the bass, in which the bass solo lasts for over the first minute and a half, then gives way to low-tuned speed metal riffing.

Even Soulfly version of "I Will Refuse" was written by every member of Pailhead, but it was produced by Soulfly member Max Cavalera. This song features Sacred Reich member Greg Hall on drums taking the spot of Roy Mayorga.

"I Will Refuse" deals about a man who reflects on human nature.

Lyrics Edit

Born as a blank page
We must pick and choose
Our destinations and
The paths we'll use
What shall we say is sacred
What will be abused
It's no wonder
The world is confused
Murder and weather
Is our only news
I will refuse!
Your offer is tempting
But it's not what it seems
You take advantage
Of everyone else's dreams
You create the perfect picture
By dressing up the scene
Trust our hopes and lives
To your death machines
Your point is not well taken
Because that's not what it means
I will refuse!

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Soulfly - I will refuse

Soulfly - I will refuse

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Personnel Edit




  • Paul G. Barker – lyrics, music
  • Al Jourgenson – lyrics, music
  • Ian MacKaye – lyrics, music
  • William Frederick Rieflin – lyrics, music


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