"Mother of Dragons"
10th track of the album Archangel (2015)
Featuring Igor Cavalera Jr., Richie Cavalera, Anahid M.O.P.
Sung by Max Cavalera, Igor Cavalera Jr., Richie Cavalera, Anahid M.O.P.
Duration 2:39
Genre(s) Groove metal, doom metal, thrash metal
Lyrics by Igor Cavalera Jr., Richie Cavalera
Composed by Max Cavalera
Produced by Matt Hyde
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"Mother of Dragons" is the closing track of the album Archangel. This song is a dedication to Max Cavalera's wife Gloria, whom Soulfly fans call her Mother of Dragons. To celebrate the homage, this song features three of Max's sons, including everyday drummer Zyon. His other sons, Igor and Richie both perform vocals as well as bass by Igor. This song plots about a woman using dragons in a battle to protect herself and her reign.

This song was originally intended to last a minute and a half, but Max extended it to include female vocals by Anahid M.O.P., who growls like a man. She became the second woman to perform in a Soulfly song and the fifth Soulfly song to feature female vocals (four others were sung by Asha Rabouin). Its outro is the same as that of the other track "Titans".

Lyrics Edit

Thunder and lightning
Halo of Light
Mother of Dragons
raco - Warrior
They call me - Spitfire

A phoenix from the ash, this is my destiny
My reign is forever, no way you can kill me
A battle I will wage, the dawn of this new age
My time has arrived, now feel my rage...

Black wings unfurl the life to my bones
Dying in smoke, I'm born in the coals
Scales hard as iron, you'll never pierce my hull
Run you fucking cowards, pissing as you're burned

Rise my dragons - Rise above it all
Rise my dragons - Rise till dawn
Rise my dragons - Into the unknown
Rise my dragons - Take your throne

Mater Draco
Mater Draco
Mater Draco
(Mother of Dragons)

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10 Mother Of Dragons

10 Mother Of Dragons

Anahid M.O

Anahid M.O.P' ft 'SOULFLY' @ Studio & Stage In 2015

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