12th track of the album Conquer (2008)
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 4:43
Genre(s) Thrash metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Max Cavalera
Alternate title "Not Yours"
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"Soulfly VI"
Next track
"Sailin' On"

"Mypath" is a bonus track of the album Conquer. This thrashy song has lyrics about a man who does not want others to share his own things to stick with the decisions correspondingly. An example is 'my life, not yours' and he'll correspondingly live on and on. Since 'not yours' is chanted 13 times, compared to just two times for the title word, the song is alternatively titled "Not Yours".

The musical direction of this song resembles "Fall of the Sycophants" somewhat.

Lyrics Edit

My friend not yours! I follow my word!
My life not yours! I live on and on!
My fight not yours and now fuck them all!!!
My faith not yours and I follow my soul!

My word not yours! And now follow the start:
My soul not yours and you will begin!
My roots not yours and I follow my soul!
My friend not yours SO FUCK YOU ALL!!!

MYPATH – no repent, no remorse, fuck the end!
MYWAR – no survivor, no escape, no return!
MYFIGHT – never end, never fake, never die!
MYPATH – no regret, no remorse, my friend!

My road not yours! And I will go on!
My blood not yours! And I really true!
My world not yours! Cos I can wait before!
My friend not yours! And I follow my soul!

My friend – my bad! And I don’t care what they say!
My hope – in yourself! Forever I repel!
My friend – my fire! Don’t wait I getting higher!
My friend not yours and I follow my soul!

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