"One Nation"
8th track of the album 3 (2002)
Featuring Greg Hall, Wiley Arnett
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 3:43
Genre(s) Nu metal, groove metal
Written by Phil Rind, Wiley Arnett
Produced by Max Cavalera
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"One Nation" is a song included on the album 3. This is a Sacred Reich cover, featuring Sacred Reich members Greg Hall and Wiley Arnett, playing drums and lead guitar respectively, leaving this song with just two regular Soulfly members performing — Max Cavalera singing and playing four-string rhythm guitar, and Marcelo Dias playing bass. Both of the songwriting credits of this song go to the two Sacred Reich members. This song mentions about having only one nation worldwide in order to have unity and peace, probably to avert terrorism like the one occurred on 9/11.

The most prominent feature of this song is its Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge is sang up till 'one nation' to begin this track, then gives way to slow, down-tuned metal. It would then finish the Pledge right before the track ends leaving off with 'one nation'. The Pledge of Allegiance was recorded in Larkspur Elementary School near the studio in Phoenix, AZ where the parent album containing this song was recorded. According to Max Cavalera, the Pledge of Allegiance was recorded for this track simply because 'one nation' is said in the Pledge and it may have inspired this very song. Max said recording the Pledge of Allegiance for this song was awesome. Even more awesome that it was recorded in the classroom where two of his sons were, who both would join Soulfly eventually.

Lyrics Edit

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the republic for which it stands
One nation

A vision of unselfishness, a union of black and white
One nation of all races, it's clear within my sight
I see it clear, no hate, no fear, no soldiers sent to die
A state that's free and thrives on peace, no greed, no threat to life
We won't build the weapons of war which looms over your heads
We'll not feed the war machines that lead our youth to death
We won't close our eyes to the atrocities which abound
We won't stand and watch until we're six feet underground
The future is our burden, we can't stand and watch
As the world around crumbles, opposing armies march
We work towards our goal: one nation unity
And you must be the convert who works towards world peace, peace, peace, peace

Muthafuckers around us who stand and say no way
Opposing lessened armies, they say are here to stay
But no one knows until we try, what we all can do
I won't watch children die, it's up to me and you
Our world is divided, the boundaries have been drawn
Ideas are decided by where you have been born
You can't judge people by the government of their land
They're flesh and blood like us
Why don't you understand?
The future is our burden
We can't stand and watch as the world around crumbles
Opposing armies' march
We work towards our goal: one nation unity
And you must be the convert who works towards world peace

One nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

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Soulfly - One Nation

Soulfly - One Nation

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Personnel Edit


Guest/session musicians


  • Phil Rind – lyrics, music
  • Wiley Arnett – lyrics, music


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