2nd track of the album Primitive (2000)
Featuring Grady Avenell, Chino Moreno
Sung by Max Cavalera, Grady Avenell, Chino Moreno
Duration 3:39
Genre(s) Nu metal
Lyrics by Max Cavalera, Chino Moreno, Grady Avenell
Composed by Max Cavalera
Produced by Toby Wright, Max Cavalera
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"Back to the Primitive"
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"Pain" is a song included on the album Primitive. This is one of two Soulfly songs where the guest Chino Moreno of Deftones is featured. The collaboration help tribute to Max Cavalera's friend and stepson Dana Wells, whose life was cut short, as well as Cavalera's father who was killed by a heart attack.

The song title was inspired from Max's pains he went through from deaths of family members. The lyrics, written by Max himself, and guests Chino Moreno and Grady Avenell, is about covering up murder. The quoted last two lines of the lyrics are voice samples of Dana Wells prior to his death.

Lyrics Edit

Speak up - you know what is up
Code of silence?! Who set you up?!
Some shit so wrong in this world
It's all fucked up now you're gone
Speak up - you know what went on
How could you let it go?
It's murder you covered up
Stained blood on your soul

Down on my knees
Hands stretched to heaven above
Christ this pain is hard to live with
Don't fill my heart with love
Engulf my heart with vengeance
You need to see our pain
Don't fill this heart with love
The truth needs to be told

You can't mask
My pain
Our Pain
You can't mask
My pain
Our pain

"Fuck you...
Friday I was freaking out"

Videos Edit

SoulFly- Pain HD

SoulFly- Pain HD

Soulfly - "Pain" (live featuring Chino Moreno at Fields of Rock 2005)

Soulfly - "Pain" (live featuring Chino Moreno at Fields of Rock 2005)

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