6th track of the album Archangel (2015)
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 3:48
Genre(s) Groove metal, black metal, death metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Matt Hyde
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"Shamash" is a song included on the album Archangel. This song features middle eastern tones, melodic solos, guitar harmony, choir and samples. Max Cavalera's collaboration on the song "Lost Tribes" by the Assyrian band Melechesh influenced his idea and writing of this song. Hence the title, this song contains lyrics about the Akkadian sun god Shamash. 'Ira Deorum', Latin for wrath of the gods, is chanted by the priests, while Max Cavalera professes in English, 'In the name of God' then 'In the name of the devil'.

Lyrics Edit

Shamash - Ira Deorum (Wrath of the gods)

Shamash, the fire burning Sun
Supreme ruler of Akkadian
Behold, Sun God, behold...
I bear the fire from hell below

In nomini Domini (In the name of god)
In nomini Diaboli (In the name of the devil)

Shamash - Ira Deorum
Shamash - Ira Deorum

Shamash, the center of the Soul
Agathos Daemon (Good Spirit)
Behold, fire, behold
Nothing comes from nothing ex nihilo (Out of nothing)

Shamash - Ira Deorum
Shamash - Ira Deorum

Root of David - Eradicate - Violate the Sabbath
Hammurabi code - Eye for an eye
Stabbing the heavens - Mount Sinai
Tribe of Judah - Splendor of light... Retaliate

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6 Shamash

6 Shamash

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