12th track of the album Enslaved (2012)
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 3:50
Genre(s) Groove metal, death metal, thrash metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Zeuss, Max Cavalera
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"Slave" is a bonus track of the album Enslaved. The lyrics of the quasi-title track reference the slave master Zumbi. The last paragraph of the lyrics is in Portuguese, which is sung before ending with tribal percussion and berimbau (the only song on the album where berimbau is used).

Max Cavalera debated whether he would include this song on the standard edition or only on the special edition. This song has many elements resembling the standard tracks. Max said if "Slave" were to be standard track, "Revengeance" would be a bonus track. He likes "Revengeance" a lot with three sons collaborating and leaves "Slave" out as bonus track. As a result of the decision, "Slave" is only included on Japanese and deluxe editions of the album.

Lyrics Edit

And who made him my master…
Punishment comes for you…

From the cradle to the grave
Slave - slave
Remove the chains - emancipate
Slave - slave

For whom there is no protection
The middle passage in action

From the cradle to the grave
Slave - slave
Remove the chains - emancipate
Slave - slave

I will
And Slay my enemies tonight
And limb amputations

Grind, captive, confined…

Deep within
Has Been
The anguish of my soul
Face down
To the Earth
Through the skin you'll see my bones

Grind, captive, confined…

Zumbi E O senhor das querras
Zumbi E O senhor das demandas
Quando zumbi chega
E zumbi E quem manda…

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Soulfly - Slave

Soulfly - Slave

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