3rd track of the album Archangel (2015)
Featuring Todd Jones
Sung by Max Cavalera, Todd Jones
Duration 3:54
Genre(s) Doom metal, groove metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Matt Hyde
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"Ishtar Rising"
Released on July 30, 2015
Record label Nuclear Blast

"Sodomites" is a song included on the album Archangel. It is the tenth album's second single released on July 30, 2015, fifteen days prior to the release of the parent album.

According to Max Cavalera, this song is about the God striking down [the biblical city of] Sodom for their sinful behavior as people wanted to rape angels and commit orgies. Some of the lyrics were taken from the Old Testament quotes, with the first lyric paragraph taken from Ezekiel 6:3:47 and the paragraph beginning with 'This shall be no whores of the daughters of Israel' was taken from Genesis 19:24. Cavalera was also excited that he collaborated with Todd Jones from Nails as guest vocalist for this song since he's a big fan of him and has powerful voice to match up with the song's punishing theme. Al Jourgensen of Ministry was originally proposed to be the guest singer of this song.

This song most tendingly plays in doomy grooves similar in musical style to Godflesh, with choirs in the passages between 'So-do-mites' chanted by Cavalera. The song gets thrashier before closing out with brief doxology with tinges of bell.

Lyrics Edit

I am about to bring war upon you
I will kill your people in front of your idols
The place will be littered with corpses
And you will know that I alone
I am the lord

I am the brethren
Marked by the banishment
My tribe, wage war
Until God decimates


There shall be no whores of the daughters of Israel
Nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel

Wines of Sodom
Sin ov Gomorrah
Dissolve by flame
In Leviathan’s den

Hail Hosanna
Slaying the prophets
Rape the covenant
None shall escape


Hail... Sin of flesh
Hail... Manifest
Hail... Tempest rasp
Hail... Serpent lion
Hail... Jebel Usdum
Hail... I am possessed

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SOULFLY - Sodomites feat

SOULFLY - Sodomites feat. Todd Jones of NAILS (OFFICIAL TRACK & LYRIC VIDEO)

SOULFLY featuring Todd Jones - 'Sodomites' live in Los Angeles

SOULFLY featuring Todd Jones - 'Sodomites' live in Los Angeles

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