Soulfly features a multitude of band-titled songs that play on every studio album to date. All of these songs are titled "Soulfly" and are specified by Roman numerals according to the chronological ordinals of the albums they're on (except that the debut edition is simply titled "Soulfly" without a Roman numeral). For example, "Soulfly V" represents that it is the fifth Soulfly-titled song appearing on their fifth album, which is Dark Ages. Soulfly currently has eleven eponymous songs, hence the eleven studio albums released by the band.

Musical style Edit

Soulfly is considered a mostly hardcore metal band but with occasional gentler, nonmetal sounds, such as world music and acoustics. Going outside of the majority, every Soulfly-titled songs are nonmetallic with no vocals. Some featuring one-time instruments for the band, such as violin and saxophone. World, new age, and lounge with tribal instruments are ubiquitous for the earliest four editions. The later editions feature a variety of more popular genres, including rock, reggae and jazz with more uses of string instruments such as acoustic guitars and sitar.

Songs Edit

The first eponymous song edition was titled "Soulfly" (or "Soulfly I"), and is also the title track of the self-titled album. "Soulfly I" is the only band-titled edition that is played in the middle of the album. "Soulfly I" is a new agey world performed with a few tribal instruments.

"Soulfly II" is a plain world song featuring congo drums, piano, sitar, jaw-harp, and various wind instruments. "Soulfly III" is a tribalized lounge song containing the sounds of rattles and chimes. "Soulfly IV" features Ljubomir Dimitrijević performing numerous tribal instruments, as well as sitar and flamenco guitar performed by Soulfly members.

"Soulfly V" is the longest of these instrumental editions, having three parts. The first part is the typical instrumental repetitiveness, lasting 7:12, then the acoustic part and finally ending with church bells. "Soulfly V" is also the first edition to be played as the final track of the album, and is the case for all of the subsequent editions.

"Soulfly VI" is the first eponymous edition to incorporate rock into it. It was recorded from a Florida swamp, where the environmental sounds are heard, such as crickets. "Soulfly VII" features a flavor of tropical music and jazz. "Soulfly VIII" is a folkish song and is the only Soulfly song to have a violin in them. "Soulfly VIII" is the first of three band-titled songs that are not included in standard editions of the Soulfly albums. "Soulfly IX" is an acoustified jazzae song. "Soulfly X" is a classical rock song flavored with duduk (an Armenian woodwind flute) and few string instruments. Finally, "Soulfly XI" showcased the return of world music elements featuring a saxophone.

Song Duration Genres Album it's on
"Soulfly" 4:48 World, new age Soulfly
"Soulfly II" 6:04 World Primitive
"Soulfly III" 4:59 World, lounge 3
"Soulfly IV" 6:03 World, lounge, new age Prophecy
"Soulfly V" 10:50 New age, acoustic Dark Ages
"Soulfly VI" 5:20 Progressive rock, hard rock Conquer
"Soulfly VII" 4:22 Jazzae, alternative rock Omen
"Soulfly VIII" 4:23 Progressive folk Enslaved
"Soulfly IX" 5:55 Jazzae, lounge Savages
"Soulfly X" 5:42 Progressive rock, art rock Archangel
"Soulfly XI" 3:23 World, jazz Ritual
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