"Soulfly X"
13th track of the album Archangel (2015)
Sung by (Instrumental)
Duration 5:42
Genre(s) Progressive rock, art rock
Composed by Max Cavalera
Produced by Matt Hyde
Previous track
"Acosador Nocturno"
"Soulfly"-titled song series
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"Soulfly X" is a bonus track of the album Archangel. Since "X" is the Roman numeral for ten, this song is the tenth edition of Soulfly's self-titled instrumentals, a series of such songs featured in each and every studio album to date. This song is somewhat akin to Emerson, Lake & Palmer. It showcases a few Eurasian instruments — duduk, sitar and flamenco guitar — as well as American instruments acoustic bass guitar and percussion, altogether producing repetitive oriental rhythms. Duduk is the first instrument heard that begins the song as well as the last to let up that ends it.

Video Edit

13 Soulfly X Bonus Track

13 Soulfly X Bonus Track

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Personnel Edit


Session musician

  • Roman Cacakhanyan – duduk



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