"The Summoning"
3rd track of the album Ritual (2018)
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 4:14
Genre(s) Groove metal, death metal, black metal, thrash metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Josh Wilbur
Alternate title "Take My Soul"
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"Dead Behind the Eyes"
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"The Summoning" is a song included on the album Ritual. The song is about the white people exploiting the tribes for their religion and culture. The track features Code Orange-esque sound with black metal tremolo and blast beats then closing with industrial style of electronic beats.

"The Summoning" was played live in Zwolle, Netherlands on June 28, 2018, nearly four months before the studio version was revealed with their album release. The song appeared on UK NukeBox playlist on Spotify on October 23, 2018 and played on Liquid Metal station on SiriusXM despite that the single wasn't released.

Lyrics Edit

I walk the path of divination
Escaped the shackles of subjugation
Labor impunity was divine
A barren land, I leave behind

Broken bones, blood lost
War, drugs is all he learnt

Will you take my soul?
Will you take my world?
I fear no one
The strength I summon

Extermination came of age
Our innocence, tortured and chained
Exploited by your own ref‌lections
Your golden kingdoms, rotting infections

Smoking stone, breach of trust
Big throne, I bleed alone

Will you make me whole?
Will you make me holy?
Angel destroy my wrath
The strength I summon

Deceased, the rifter, the four years rain
Tyrant of fear, carnage are here
The 'richened light doesn't guide us
Your enemies are dead, the future unclear

We loath in hate, execution

Will you take my soul?
Will you take my world?
I fear no one
The strength I summon

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Soulfly - The Summoning

Soulfly - The Summoning

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