"Touching the Void"
10th track of the album Conquer (2008)
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 7:25
Genre(s) Doom metal
Written by Max Cavalera
Produced by Max Cavalera
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"For Those About to Rot"
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"Touching the Void" is a song included on the album Conquer. It features slow, sludgy riffs reminiscent of Black Sabbath, especially from that band's song "Into the Void" which inspired the title of this Soulfly song, though the beginning is Type O Negative-like according to the review on Stormbringer. This song has My Dying Bride and Pink Floyd-like influences as well and features space rock and deep reggae groove in addition to doom metal. The dub outro resembling the music written by David Lynch was recorded by French dub artist Fedayi Pacha. Max Cavalera was appreciated that a dub artist made contribution to Soulfly: "Fedayi made gloomy, truly heavy improvisation is fundamentally different from commercial dub. He recorded the final touch to "Touching the Void" and played on many unusual instruments. Those little things definitely make this song special when listening to it."

Lyrics Edit

I'm touching the void
I seek and destroy
To be reborn
I'm touching the void
The ghost of Troy
Burned and destroyed
I'm touching the void
Bleed and destroy
The sacrifice of war

I'm touching the void
I creep and destroy,
The paradise lost
I'm touching the void
I breed and destroy,
No more idols to burn
I'm touching the void
I scream and destroy,
I follow the storm
I'm touching the void
I've killed them before
I'll kill them again

The return of the wicked
The revenge of the sickest

I'm touching the void
From stone and crust
To ashes and dust
I'm touching the void
The sycophants will fall
In the doom of it all

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Soulfly - Touching The Void

Soulfly - Touching The Void

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