12th track of the album Prophecy (2004)
Featuring Asha Rabouin
Sung by Asha Rabouin
Duration Track: 6:03
"Wings": 2:45
"Marš na Drinu": 2:54
Genre(s) "Wings": R&B
"Marš na Drinu": Brass
Lyrics by Max Cavalera
Composed by "Wings": Max Cavalera
"Marš na Drinu": Stanislav Binicki
Produced by Max Cavalera
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"Soulfly IV"
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"Back to the Primitive (live at Hultsfred Festival 2001, Sweden)"

"Wings" is the closing track of the album Prophecy. "Wings" is unique for Soulfly that it is an R&B song with gentle female vocals by Asha Rabouin. This song tributes Asha to her brother Kamau, who passed away at only 19 years old in 2000. The R&B ballad reminiscent of Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil lasts two-and-three-quarter minutes before playing a brass band with drums, French horns, trumpets and tuba on the hidden track "Marš na Drinu" (first word is pronounced 'marsh'), followed by Asha's wails before ending the track and the album. Even though "Marš na Drinu" is a Soulfly hidden track, it wasn't recorded by Soulfly as it is the original version composed by Stanislav Binicki in 1916 to honor Serbia's victory in the Serbian War.

Lyrics Edit

Wings all over us
Watching us from above
Protecting us from this world
Protecting us with your sword

Wings all over us
Calming us when we're sore

Even against all odds
Guiding us when we're lost
Wings all over us
Healing the bleeding pain
Helping us find a way

Making us seize the day
Wings all over us
Never letting go

Everyday I feel your touch
Carry me to my home
I can feel your soul
When I die you come and lift me up
Wings all over us

To meet the king on his throne
Wings all over us
Keep our heads up high
Keeping our spirit alive
Open your arms and rise

Video Edit

Wings (with hidden track)

Wings (with hidden track)

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Personnel Edit


Guest/session musicians

  • Asha Rabouinvocals on "Wings"
  • Igor Kurtić – drums on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Nenad Bećirović – French horn on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Danijel Demirović – French horn on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Ekrem Maksutović – French horn on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Nica Demirović – French horn on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Dejan Aydić – trumpet on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Roća Demirović – trumpet on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Demiran Ćerimović – trumpet on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Ćerim Bećirović – tuba on "Marš na Drinu"
  • Pearls From Vranje – performer on "Marš na Drinu"



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