"Your Life, My Life"
14th track of the album Omen (2010)
Featuring Igor Cavalera Jr.
Sung by Max Cavalera
Duration 3:13
Genre(s) Thrash metal
Lyrics by Dan Clements
Composed by Adam Siegel, Shaun Ross
Produced by Max Cavalera, Logan Mader
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"Your Life, My Life" is a bonus track of the album Omen. This song only appears on the special edition of the album as the third and final bonus track. It is an Excel cover which the title refers that your life is my life. This song features Max Cavalera's son Igor on drums.

Lyrics Edit

Your life, my life
Your life, my life
Your life. my life
Your life, my life

What is this, what you say?
Your road to life has been paved
You think you're someone I should adore
Because you say you got your foot in the door

Success to life, isn't a suit or tie
But to you it is the bottom line
Stand back and take a good look at yourself
The friend I once knew is now on the shelf

Don't you think it's only fair
To share the feelings we have?
Finding out what's been done
Can't you see your life is no fun

This is my life, not your life, this is my life
This is my life, not your life, this is my life

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Your Life, My Life

Your Life, My Life

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